ShuCraft 3 – Version 1.2


Floating Rails

Just as the name says they are rails that float but not only on water but on lava too!

Immersive HempCraft

Pretty much anything you can do with hemp in RL can be done in MC now including making weed. You are unable to smoke it but you can make special cookies with it. This mod also allows another way to make string and other things.

Bonsai Trees

Allows you to grow trees but not at their full size and great for decorations!

Updated forge to

Updated all other mods to latest as of March 12th, 2018

Shucraft 3 – Version 1.1b

Out of shock I noticed the one mod we used in the original ShuCraft where you can browse the web has now been ported to version 1.12.2 and it works! Cool thing you can do with the mod like i did in the past is setup your twitch chat and you can read it within the game! It’s pretty cool! Sadly you are unable to watch streams but youtube works good at least. So if you want a theater room you can have a real one now! No power required! Just make the screen blocks and the remote block and make sure you link them with a linker and you are set! Optional is a keyboard which mimics actual keys so make sure you press ESC when you are done typing.

ShuCraft 3 – Version 1.1

Removed Advanced Rocketry and replaced it with Galacticraft

Fixed all horse armor so you can obtain the same type of mats using the uncrafting table

NOTE: Silicon from Galaticraft has been disabled for world gen due to a weird bug where you can’t even use it. To obtain Silicon you just use Sand in a crusher. Galcticraft silicon can be used with AE2

ShuCraft 3 Announcement!

With the release of ShuCraft 2.0 Version 1.5 it has pretty much matched up with ShuCraft Version 1.5b! That said I am pretty much done working on 2.0 and ready for version 3!

ShuCraft 3 will be based on version 1.12 and starting with Forge I am surprised how many mods are available! Here are some of the mods that will be in the pack!

NOTE: List is not final and some will be removed

ShuCraft 2.0 – Version 1.5

1st lets start with the note!

Forge updated to


  • Galacticraft
  • Extra Planets


  • Silent Gems
  • Silent Gems: Extra Parts
  • Ex Nilo
  • Botania

Updated all other mods to latest version


Now the details of what was changed and why!

Galaticraft is now available for 1.10.2 so i added it to the pack! Probally would want to start a new world if you wish to have certain ores to generate! Some items are still compatible such as silicon from enderIO so if you wish to not start over a new world i see no problems.

Silent Gems was added due to curiosity. After experimenting with it a bit there is really no use of it so i removed it. Removing help reduce stuff added in world generation.

I am in a love/hate situation with botania. While it’s a great fun mod to play with I do not like the idea of the flowers generating all over the place! While yes it’s possible to obtain the flowers another way i decided to take it out of the pack completely. Do so helped with CPU/RAM optimization

ExNilo was added for fun but really not neccesary to have so i removed it. If i were to make a sky version of this pack this will be added but having problems with making a sky version ATM.  That will be another topic